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Chicken Wraps

Cookaboro' are now offering hand held tasty chicken wraps which can be cooked indoors aswell as outdoors making them a fantastic alternative to a buffet!
We bring in small, portable table top cooking stoves and make the wraps up in front of your guests; choose two flavours for your guests, (vegetarian option available), we make them up and cut the wraps in half enabling guests to have two different flavoured chicken wraps!

Succulent fresh chicken wraps offer choice, quality and satisfaction with a great taste to match.
A healthy alternative packed full of flavour and natural goodness.

Look at these great flavours - 

BBQ       Cajun      Balti       Tikka        Sweet Mediterranean

Piri Piri        Mexican Fajita         Jerk        Sweet Chilli      

The marinated chicken is cooked with onions and peppers by our chef then wrapped up with salad in a paper wrap, yummy!